About Ps Careers

PS Careers exist to help high-quality candidates get the Government Job they Want.

If you have ever applied for a Government job, whether Federal, State/Territory or Local, you understand the complexity, uniqueness and – let’s face it – dark arts – of landing that gig.
From ‘Key Selection Criteria’ to behavioural-based examples, to the STAR method, Government applications are a unique beast, with their own language and protocols.

For as long as public service jobs have existed, they have been unique and, for many, elusive. There’s a code – and if you are fortunate enough to crack it, your future in the public service is secure. If you know, you know.
For many, however, whether breaking in for the first time or taking steps up the seniority ladder, the aura of mystery presents a barrier to achieving our career goals.

The system is not perfect. And despite the best efforts of those inside the tent to improve access and opportunities, the vagrancies of public service recruitment are as present and real as they have ever been.

This is why we started PS Careers. We are a group of career public servants and HR experts who want to help demystify the process of getting a Government job – and in so doing, increase the quality and diversity of the public service.


Initially, this was just something that we had to do. Holding decades’ worth of accumulated experience in how to land these jobs is great – and has helped us personally a great deal. However, the opportunity to create a resource to help people is exciting – and so in 2018 we got to work putting together the content for this website.

Since then, we have slowly expanded our expert team to provide specialised Public Service job hunting services (such as CV and Selection Criteria writing, interview coaching and career coaching).

We have assembled the very best team of experts to help our customers achieve their professional goals – and we have managed to help hundreds of you get there across the journey.

Ultimately, our mission is pretty simple – helping good people who want to build a career in Government get the job they want!

Whether you are just starting out, or a senior executive, we have the experience and expertise to get you where you want to be next.

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