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PS Careers boasts decades of expertise within the APS and State Governments, offering unparalleled insight into their inner workings. We understand the intricacies and expectations of the public service.

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PS Careers offers personalized interview coaching to excel in APS interviews, addressing individual needs for confidence and skills. Our experts leave no stone unturned in ensuring your success.

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PS Careers empowers individuals to secure APS positions with a proven track record of success in a competitive sector. Our dedication ensures successful outcomes for every client we assist.

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PS Careers meticulously tailors services to meet APS or State Government position requirements, ensuring standout applications with finely-crafted resumes and selection criteria.

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Jessica A.
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I booked the interview coaching with Ben and the results were amazing. I never realised how much passive language I was using when I spoke in interviews and it made sense that I wasn’t having luck after multiple interview rounds for EL2 positions. Applying the techniques and practicing your examples with feedback and recordings is a game changer. I’m so much more confident and I know that this is the missing factor in my interview preparation.
Karen B.
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You think you know about the STAR framework but it's not until you go through your interview answers with a professional that you really understand what a winning STAR answer is. The coaching helped me tease out the details and evidence to make my interview answers much more convincing and much more targeted to the selection criteria area. I found the advice and materials very helpful as well in addressing other factors like nerves and how to introduce yourself. All around a solid investment!
Ankit P.
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Thanks to the PS Careers team I’ve now been successful in winning an interview for a role after 6 months of trying with no success. I thought my CV was not the problem but it turns out it needed a complete overhaul to focus on my achievements and experience relating to the role requirements. Highly recommend their services to anyone trying to troubleshoot why they are not getting interviews. Well worth the money.
Scott W.
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I used another CV writing service and paid a lot of money for something that didn’t work. It took some convincing but I decided to give PS Careers a go and they have restored my faith in these types of services. These guys absolutely know what they are doing and it shows from the first conversation. My LinkedIn profile, cover letter and CV are absolutely amazing and the quality of the work is remarkable. I see now where my previous efforts had been well short of the mark.
Ben B.
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I had a top experience with PS Careers, Athena was assigned to my CV and statement of claims document and from start to finish she did an excellent job and every commitment was met in full. I got selected for an interview on the first application after never getting this far before. For anyone wanting to find a government job, this service is a no-brainer!
Jeff C.
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The experience with Greg and Athena was great. I got coaching with Greg and after an hour he'd understood what I wanted, worked out the gaps and put me on the right path. I created an actionable plan that I put in place immediately. The CV and cover letters were exceptional and Athena went well above and beyond to get these just right. I’m now on the right path with my career and I’m on track to secure that next position!
Grant S.
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Highly recommend PS Careers if you are wanting help to get a promotion in the APS. The templates, techniques, and content are just brilliant and well beyond my expectations. I am finally getting selected for interviews at APS6 after changing my whole approach
Krishnan P.
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As a Tech Project Manager, I never had a problem getting a job before but I quickly realised the approach you need to get into State Government is completely different. I had almost given up hope when a friend recommended I contact PSCareers. Their writers really know what they are doing and I was given a selection criteria response that won me an interview at Vic Gov.
Sara V.
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You guys are amazing, thank you so much! I have never felt better about my interview skills and I made it through to a merit pool on my last job application.
Joshi B.
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Need a fresh look at your resume? Book in their service. Athena did the best job of updating my resume and finding details to include to show my skills that I did not think of. The way they coach you to remember small details and highlights from your career that are long forgotten is amazing.
David H.
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I got the job! Thank you Ben and the rest of the team, everything was superb and you guys know your stuff. I can’t recommend you enough and I’ll be singing your praises for a long time to come. The payrise pays for this service straight away - don’t hesitate if you are not sure it is worth the money. Best investment I ever made!
Karen R.
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Ben is a caring coach who makes you feel comfortable with the techniques and methods that they recommend.
Pat E.
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BAll I can say is wow! The level of knowledge Greg has is amazing. He was able to give me the best advice on my situation and the problems I had been having getting promoted in my department. I will definitely come back to get more help if I get stuck again and can’t see the path forward. This has been a game changer for me and I’ll be signing up to get their CV service very soon.n is a caring coach who makes you feel comfortable with the techniques and methods that they recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes we do, and we’ve worked with clients in every State and Territory and at every level of Government, and have an in-depth knowledge of hiring practices and standards in the NSW and VIC State Governments. APS standards and protocols are generally reflected from Federal to State-level but anecdotally, the application of standards as applied to procedural fairness and transparency are often less stringently applied in some States.

Yes – the techniques and best practices for responding to selection criteria, preparing for interviews, and writing CVs and cover letters, all apply directly to appointments for Local Government roles. Often the hiring processes and protocols are not as mature at a Local Government level; however, the standards for merit-based recruitment, transparency and fairness are. was founded by executives from the APS who wanted to share their knowledge and advice based on decades of experience. Together with career coaching experts, the mission of PS Careers is to empower people to excel in their APS career pathways by unlocking some of the secrets and mysteries of APS recruitment and career progression.    

Of course. Everyone has to start somewhere and there are career pathways and entry points that are accessible for everyone. Whether you’re entering a Graduate program, targeting an entry-level role, or looking at transferring from the private sector to an equivalent level in the public sector, we’ve got you covered. If you’re not clear on your options, a career coaching session can help you identify which level to target for your first job, and map out a pathway with a career plan. Talk to us if you’re not sure where to start and we’ll guide you on making the first steps. 

This part is ultimately up to you. While we can prepare you with the highest possible standards of CV, selection criteria responses, cover letters, LinkedIn profile content and interview preparation, a lot depends on you, and who you are competing against. We can give you the best possible chance of success and a competitive advantage over other candidates who simply won’t have the insights, skills and techniques that you’ll learn from working with us. 


Yes – while at the Commonwealth level individual agencies determine whether they will employ non-citizens (some do, some do not), State and Local Government roles are typically accessible for people who are not yet citizens, but do have full working rights under an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) visa or other type of working visa. 

A lack of public sector experience is a big hurdle in targeting senior roles in the APS; however, if you focus on the role’s specific selection criteria and make a strong pitch in every aspect of those criteria, you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of success. This is achieved by orientating your CV, selection criteria examples, and interview preparation with a laser-sharp focus on the role requirements and capabilities. You may also require a career strategy to achieve your objective, which can include an interim role that builds experience in areas which you lack, or gives you the necessary exposure to the public sector through a consulting or contracting role. Career coaching is invaluable to perform a gap assessment and develop a plan to reach this goal.