Review Package

Crack the code with your application.

If you’ve reached this page, you understand how mystifying it can be to respond to generic selection criteria for a public service job. Even harder is writing your own application – it’s not always in our nature to big note ourselves, after all.
If you find yourself struggling, or if you need a second opinion to ensure your responses are as sharp as they can be, we can help!
Our job is to make you sound irresistible; it’s what we are best at.
What we will do:
The package comprises two elements:
  • A comprehensive review of your selection criteria and cover letter, including suggested edits to both in tracked changes, and
  • Written advice from us, outlining global suggestions for how to strengthen your application. These are catered to each individual applicant and may include suggestions for examples to emphasise or de-emphasise (for example), or tips on what interviewers are likely to be looking for in your circumstances.
To get started, what we will need is:
  • A copy of your current draft APS6 selection criteria (as word or google doc)
  • A copy of your draft cover letter for the position (as word or google doc)
  • A copy of your CV (as word or google doc)
  • A copy of (or link to) the position description of the role you are seeking, and
  • (if possible) a copy of your current position description.
Our flat review package fee is $599 for APS to EL1 levels, payable by bank transfer or credit card.
Simply click the button below to get started: